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Jared Volpe

Digital product design lead(er) and manager*.

*I’m a problem solver.

Aspiring baker, ceramicist, cook, & furniture maker**.

**Sometimes I like making things with my hands... not on a keyboard.

If you’re here, you’re likely trying to figure out what my deal is. Hopefully this site will help. If you are interested, read a bit more about me or scroll down for some work highlights and experience.

🚧 work in progress 🚧


Oxide Computer Company →

As the sole designer on a small team of engineers at a company that is going to revolutionize rack scale computing, I’m doing everything from digital product design, DesignOps, product management, hiring, brand and marketing design, and art direction (for re-branding, hardware renditions, swag, and more).


I led two remote-friendly teams of product designers, researchers, and copywriters (five and seven members) who hailed from Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Berlin, and Barcelona. I played a handful of different roles as a manager: mentor, friend, sometimes bearer of bad news, career advisor, and proud colleague. I worked with both teams to establish our design culture and facilitate ceremonies and processes to make us more effective. Our work was primarily on strategic projects with GitHub (post-acquisition) for two organizations in the Developer Services group: Azure Boards (Atlassian Jira compete) and App Center (Google Firebase compete).

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Niko →

I built an employee engagement tool called Niko so everyone at any level in a company — from interns to the CEO — can submit, vote on, and respond to questions and suggestions. It helps companies preserve organizational knowledge and expose history and decision-making. I’m an armchair organizational psychologist, so if you are interested in that, let’s chat!

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