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June 01, 20185 min read

Planet →

I was lucky enough to work at Planet twice. I brought design vision and leadership to a suite of rapidly evolving products with a stellar team of engineers, product managers, designers, and project managers at an amazingly innovative company that is fundamentally changing remote sensing and earth imaging. I worked closely with our product and engineering leadership to infuse user-centered design thinking into product development. I contributed to defining product vision through team building, collaborative ideation, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing.

I led product design, created product concepts, designed user interfaces and experiences, developed better ways to manage design and development, and ensured everyone on the design team was happy and productive.

    CheckDesign System

    Design new UX and UI patterns and refactor old ones with Sketch, InVision, Principle, Abstract, HTML, CSS, and JS.Design systems and tools to increase the velocity of design and engineering.Collaborate with designers and engineers to incorporate design systems into workflows.Planet design systemPlanet design system in Abstract

    CheckPlanet Explorer

    Work with an interdisciplinary team of UX engineers, product managers, and designers to iterate on Planet Explorer, which provides access to on-demand imagery and makes it very easy for people to access daily imagery of Earth.I did things like contextual inquiry and competitive analysis, interview users and stakeholders, wireframe, prototype, and design user interfaces and experiences, and build consensus with the team and stakeholders.Planet Explorer

    CheckAnalytics Platform

    Chosen by the CTO to work with a multi-disciplinary team of engineering and product leads on an end-to-end prototype for creating and accessing analytic output (a.k.a information feeds) from the Planet platform to demonstrate the capabilities of the platform as it is being developed and get feedback to the teams building core features as well as validate analytic output, test product/market fit with customers, and provide input and direction for platform capabilities and future product, UX, and UI direction.This project was an overwhelming success and confirmed that analytics capabilities were going to be paramount to the future direction of the company.This work cannot be distributed in my portfolio as it is still under development and confidential. If you are interested in seeing it, let me know so we can review it in person.

    CheckPlanet Stories

    Planet Stories → enables people—primarily those in journalism, education & research, and marketing—to create and share the power of daily deep stacks of Planet imagery with Compare Slider or Timelapse (movie/GIF) features. I worked with a small team of engineers and a product manager to rapidly validate, prototype, and launch Stories before the founder's TED talk. Once released, we quickly gathered feedback via analytics and user research and usability testing to iterate on product direction, feature development, and UX/UI design.Planet StoriesPlanet Stories wizard prototype

    CheckInternal Tools

    A company that bites off something as big as Planet requires a lot of internal tools, including hybrid interfaces that specific, high profile, customers need access to as well. In between design cycles, I worked with various teams to improve UX and provide a framework to create consistency across all of the interfaces. This work is confidential. If you are interested in seeing it, let me know so we can check it out in person.

    CheckPlanet Tasking Dashboard

    After the acquisition of SkySat, the company needed a way to empower organizations to get imagery on-the-fly and jumpstart analysis within hours of capture. The Tasking Dashboard → puts the power of satellite tasking into the customer's hands, and gives them a programmatic way to acquire high-resolution imagery when they need insights.

    CheckMission Control

    I led the Mission Control team on a 1.5-month exploration into what the next version of the Mission Control interface and workflow would evolve into as the company scaled from operating 10s of spacecraft to 100s.The goal was to create a new way for operators to view/visualize spacecraft data that gives them a snapshot of flock health, spacecraft health, antenna health, anomaly detection, and long-term situational awareness. Operators will see the health of the system at a high level and have the ability to drill down and perform mission-critical tasks.I did things like contextual inquiry and competitive analysis, interview users and stakeholders, prototype and design user interfaces and experiences, build consensus with team and stakeholders.

    CheckImage Gallery and Chrome Extension

    When we first started getting images from our ‘Doves,' we needed a place to show them off, so I designed and developed the Gallery → in a few days.We designed and built the Planet View Chrome extension → to display a beautiful satellite image from Planet Labs every time you open a new tab. Image GalleryImage GalleryPlanetView Chrome Extension

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