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April 01, 20172 min read

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At CircleCI as Lead Digital Product Designer and Design Manager, I collaborated on high-level product design vision with the CEO, CPO, CTO, VP Engineering, and product leadership team. I grew the design team by 50% and designed our process while scaling. In addition, I introduced design tools and infrastructure to merge the gap between the design and engineering teams and empowered them to collaborate better and more quickly on the core product.

    CheckDesign system

    Design new UI and UX patterns and refactor old ones with Sketch, InVision, Principle, Abstract, HTML, CSS, ClojureScript.Design systems and tools to increase the velocity of design and engineering.Collaborate with designers and engineers to incorporate design systems into workflows.CircleCI design systemCircleCI design systemCircleCI design system in Abstract

    CheckReact components

    Work with engineers to design new UI and UX patterns and refactor old ones with Devcards (i.e., React Components for ClojureScript), which provide developers with an interactive visual REPL—Devcards makes it simple to interactively visualize components in the browser for React applications.CircleCI design system

    CheckCore Product Design

    Collaborative ideation, whiteboarding, wireframing, prototyping new features, user research, usability testing, information architecture.Primary focus was in IA/UX/UI improvements and new CI/CD Workflows for CircleCI 2.0

    CheckStatic marketing site

    Iterate on design of marketing site in the process of moving code from the main codebase to an independent static site for ease of management and deployment. HTML, CSS.

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