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One part Product Designer,
one part UI & UX Designer,
one part Prototyper,
one part Information Architect,
one part Problem Solver,
one part Curiousity,
one part Logical,
one part Expressive...
Stirred and not shaken. I wear many hats.

Get in touch or look at things.
About me: Currently working hard at Planet Labs Leap Motion and not formally taking on projects. That said... I like putting my energy behind awesome products and working with smart and passionate people so don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm also a daddy-o, main squeeze, gypsy jazz pompeur, off-piste skier, and mini-golf master. I want to be a surfer. I have two degrees but seldom speak of them. One taught me to think big, the other to be a skeptic (think harder.)
I've worked with: Leap Motion Play-i Small House Style PlayerPro Reed & Greenough Hog & Rocks Hen of the Wood Park Tavern Chotto Izakaya Kitchen Restaurant + Bar Specialists Imprint Cellars Third Street Vintners Silvertap Wines Qualia Wines West Sonoma Coast Vintners The Kivelstadt Group Park Guitars, and some others...
I am always open to freelance work, so feel free to get in touch even if it's only to say hello.
Twitter, LinkedIn, and other fine locations.
You can me too. And a resume.

Yours truly,